Apr 23, 2021

Buying property in Spain

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  1. If you have already chosen the region and city, together with the director of the Salou Real Estate real estate agency, you select the ideal house or apartment and go for a viewing
  2. A dream apartment is found, we sign a contract - a reserve (for 7 - 10 days) and you pay 1.5 - 3 thousand euros in advance
  3. You open a Spanish bank account in the buyer's name
  4. Next, you go to the police to order a foreigner's NIE number. We recommend allocating at least a week of stay in Spain for the first stage. We also recommend that you leave a power of attorney to the real estate agency Salou real estate
  5. Conclusion of the aros contract - you pay 10% of the property value, within 3 months you must pay the rest, otherwise the transaction will not take place. Up to 3 months, prepare the remaining amount and transfer them to your bank account in Spain, which was opened here during your first visit
  6. Signing with the seller of the "escritura" of the sale in the notary's office. In the presence of a notary, you pay the remaining amount by bank check, which is issued at the bank immediately before the transaction or the day before. Making a check takes 15-30 minutes. Some part can be paid to the seller in cash. By law, the notary is obliged to check the conformity of the purchase price, which is indicated in the bill of sale, and the amount of all payments
  7. After signing the "escritura" of the sale and purchase, you become the owner of the property and receive the keys to the house
  8. If the purchase is made on a mortgage, at the notary’s office, simultaneously with signing the “escritura” of the sale and purchase with the seller, you also sign the mortgage “escritura” with the bank, which pays the seller an amount equal to the amount of the mortgage
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  • Agency Salouru and Nelly found by reviews. We rented apartments for 2 years, and then with the help of Nelli we bought our own apartment in Salou. The whole process of buying from the search for real estate, registration of all documents and until the move was controlled by Nelly personally. Everything went smoothly, smoothly, with a minimum of material costs and time.
    Agency Salouru and Nelly are real estate professionals!

    Anastasia Drob,
  • Turning to this company you will receive objective and complete information about the state of the real estate market.
    Nelly treats her clients responsibly and provides full support in the preparation of documents and support in all necessary organizations. (And also with pleasure will introduce you to local attractions and "goodies").

    Verified by personal experience. We saw and learned a lot.
    Nelly, thank you so much! 🙂

    Inna Ishchenko,
  • I am very glad to meet your company, a nice apartment with a gorgeous sea view in Salou. I want to come back to you again and again. A professional team today is a pleasure!

    Svitlana I,
  • Всем привет!
    С Нелли мы познакомились случайно, когда впервые приехали в Салоу год назад и искали где остановиться. Мы всегда стараемся выгодно снимать жилье, и не переплачивать там где не требуется ,именно у Нелли мы нашли самые выгодные предложения по жилью, аренде и экскурсиям. Честно, мы остались довольны всем что предлагает агенство Нелли. Через год мы снова приехали в Салоу и конечно не стали даже пытаться найти какой-то другой сервис, а сразу обратились к Нелли. Все апартаменты с шикарным видом, месторасположением, чистота уют и порядок, в квартирах имеется все что необходимо. С Интернетом в Испании, как выяснилось, порой не совсем все хорошо, у Нелли мы снимали 3 раза квартиры и во всех был скоростной интернет. Спасибо за ВЫСОКОКАЧЕСТВЕННЫЙ СЕРВИС! СОВЕТУЮ ВСЕМ ЭТУ КОМПАНИЮ!

    Anastasia Politanskaya,
  • The Salouru agency was recommended to us by friends from Barcelona, who had already bought an apartment from Neli (director of the agency).
    Bought before the pandemic.
    Neli was very kind, met at the airport, accompanied everywhere: the Tarragona police (to get Nya), the bank, and even for personal purchases :), since she didn’t have her own car.
    Neli is a reliable partner, everything will be fair with her.
    She is a true professional in her field.

    Many thanks to the whole Salouru team and once again to Neli! Good luck to you!!

    Mikheil Lobjanidze,

  • Costs and taxes when buying property in Spain in 2021: Notary. Notary fees in Spain are regulated by the state and range from 600 to 875 euros (depending on the price of the property) for issuing a deed of sale. Property registration. On average - from 400 to 650 euros. Taxes. VAT in Spain varies. From 4% (for state…

  • If you have already chosen the region and city, together with the director of the Salou Real Estate real estate agency, you select the ideal house or apartment and go to see the dream apartment, sign a contract - reserve (for 7 - 10 days) and you pay 1.5 - 3 thousand euro advance You open a Spanish bank account in the name of the buyer…

  • NIE - Alien Identification Number and Taxpayer Number in Spain. It is more convenient and faster to get a NIE in advance, in your own country, but the time it takes to get it on the spot can take 2-3 months. To apply for a NIE: - original passport. Requirements: a Schengen visa and a passport control stamp at the Spanish border - two color photographs sized ...

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